As a therapist, coach, and designer, I strongly focus on wellness.

I seek to highlight and build upon individuals’ strengths and what makes them unique. I believe that healing is a holistic process and that we all have within us the tools to reach our highest potential.
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Educational Therapy Background

As a Master’s graduate of Northwestern University’s Family Institute of Counseling, combined with a Master’s In Transformational Leadership & Coaching, the study of group dynamics, psychology, Social-Emotional Intelligence, along with many years of supporting visions for my clients, I understand how to bring out the best in others.

I have a long history of working in the corporate environment with high-level executives and a strong background in the creative industries.

I understand what it takes to transform people & environments to realize their potential. As an artist, I see the beauty and potential of everyone I work with.

I utilize creative approaches to co-create a unique healing path for each client.

Design thinking applied in all areas of life can provide the blueprint of how-to re-wire our potential. I believe that healing is an embodied process of feeling, experiencing, engaging our yearnings and emotions for greater transformation and a more profound sense of self.
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I am passionate about personal growth, human potential, and sustainability,

…which is expressed in my lifestyle, fitness, studies, leadership, and practice as a professional. I continually seek new learning opportunities, ways to expand my practice, what I have to offer to my clientele, myself, and how to give back to my community.

As a body-based therapist, I specialize in helping others gently access and heal their pain.

We work with an integrative approach with the nervous system to unlock trauma and stuck emotions so that they may be released. Body integration supports us to feel more alive, present and grounded in who we are and what truly matters to us.

I work with all populations including men, women, couples and groups. I integrate evidenced based practices such as breath-work, mindfulness, EMDR, CBT, and emotionally focused therapy, all under a psychodynamic lens of therapy.

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